Build new habits that stick

Build new habits with MyWayy’s 4 step science-based approach to behavior change that will help you build and maintain new habits in days not months!

What is MyWayy?

Have you ever felt stuck when trying to build new habits? Well you’re not alone. Building new habits can be an isolating experience especially when you’ve always done something one way. That’s why we created MyWayy, the ultimate habit building mobile application that turns habit creation into a team sport rather than a solo adventure where we utilize science to help you rewire your brain!

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Create a Plan (Wayy)

Create Wayys to organize your daily routines.

Receive helpful alerts

Stay on track and on time with voice and tone notifications.

Track your progress

Look back on your day, week, month or year to see how you’re doing!

Focus on Streaks

Momentum is huge when it comes to maintaining new habits, keep your confidence and motivation high with habit streaks!

Discover New Wayys

Search for friends or your favorite celebrity and try out their routines!

Get Competitive

Challenging your friends on MyWayy makes building new habits even more enjoyable.

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